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    Environmental Matters

    J.B. Hunt is dedicated to creating a more sustainable supply chain by advocating for a mode-agnostic approach to transportation, innovating fleet operations, exploring alternative vehicle and fuel solutions, leading conversations within the industry and using data-driven insights to gain efficiency.

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    Delivering More While Using Less

    From decreasing overall carbon dioxide emissions to cutting energy consumption, environmental sustainability is important to our customers, the communities we serve, and ultimately our success.

    Efficiency and Value with Mode Conversion

    Our broad range of services ensure that your shipments move on the mode that delivers the service levels you need and the value and efficiency you want.

    Fuel-Saving Equipment and Practices

    Lowering carbon emissions starts with lower fuel consumption. We actively look for ways to maximize fuel economy by investing in the most efficient equipment and technologies.

    Exploring Alternative Energy

    New fuels and energy sources are essential to our sustainability efforts. Find out how we use biodiesel, natural gas, and electric vehicles in our fleet to reduce or eliminate emissions.

    Engaging and Leading the Industry

    J.B. Hunt is elevating the sustainability conversation with our stakeholders and benchmarking our own activities by some of the industry's most stringent standards.

    Creating Efficiencies Through Data

    Learn more about how J.B. Hunt uses data to streamline its own operations and how our teams and technology can help deliver your sustainability goals.

    Sustainable Transportation...Delivered

    Making business decisions that have a positive impact on the environment is a priority at J.B. Hunt. Our unique combination of people, process and technology is what make it possible. Download our Environmental Summary below and learn more about how we can help you deliver on your carbon footprint reduction goals.

    Download Environmental Summary